Babies on the Couch

From the London Telegraph:

"Toby was eating well, sleeping soundly and was, generally, at one with the world. He did, however, have a seemingly insoluble problem that was causing him quite a bit of anxiety: he wasn't bonding with Sahar, the woman he loved most in the world. Therapy seemed the obvious, 21st century solution. Over the next 11 months, he spent several sessions with Dr Stella Acquarone, a psychologist and psychotherapist, at her private mental health clinic. Not only did his difficulties disappear, but his relationship with Sahar flourished into a loving, life-long bond.

Sahar Mientakeivitch and Toby, who had therapy

"Toby, it may surprise you to discover, is not some troubled teenager or an angst-ridden husband desperate to save his marriage. He is now a boisterous 19-month-old baby, the much cherished son of Dan Manor, a hedge fund manager, and his Polish wife, Sahar Mientakeivitch, who live in central London."

The paper goes on to note that an increasing number of parents believe that it's never to early to "establish good mental health."

Toby, it turns out, "began his therapy when he was just one month old."

What did we ever do without therapists?


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