BJU Daycamp (My Summer Job)

Those of you who know that I work in the BJU Seminary during the school year are probably wondering why I’m working at daycamp this summer.  Then again, you might be wondering what daycamp is.  So let me explain.
I do work at the Seminary as a graduate assistant during the school year.  One day this spring, I went to a faculty/staff meeting, and learned that the summer daycamp program needed workers.  The daycamp is for children (rising 2nd graders through fourteen-year-olds) who attend the BJ elementary school or jr. high and who need something to do while their parents are at work during the summer.  Basically, daycamp workers get paid to play with the kids all day.
Back to the announcement.  I heard it, and thought, “That would be fun.  Too bad I’m working at the Seminary all summer.”  But it turned out that I wasn’t going to be working at the Seminary all summer, because the Seminary didn’t need me during the summer.  So I called Miss Aumiller, who is the assistant daycamp director (and who also was my assistant debate coach) and asked if she would have a place for me.  It seems like every time I talk to Miss Aumiller, it precedes a change in my life.  First it was the debate team, then it was doing a master’s degree in speech, and now it was daycamp.
So, here I am working at Daycamp.  Some days they call me the “miscellaneous coordinator,” or the “spare parts person,” or the “gopher.”  Last week I was mainly a gopher, but a normal day for me consists of everything from taking pictures, to running errands, to filling in for a sick activity leader.  I love the flexibility and variety.  Some days I look at the schedule to see what the different groups of kids are doing, and if I see something interesting, I go take pictures of it.  I really like taking pictures of culinary time, especially on the days when they are making desserts!
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