Poor Guy!

From UPI, it seems that  Guy Goma (about whom I blogged earlier) may be deported as an indirect result of his accidental interview. 
BBC's fake interviewee — an illegal immigrant from the Congo mistakenly plucked from the lobby and interviewed as an expert on British TV — may be deported.

Guy Goma became an overnight sensation after overstaying his tourist visa and several months of unemployment when he was mistaken by a BBC News 24 producer for Guy Kewney, who was supposed to be interviewed about a court case involving Apple Computer and the Beatles Apple Corps Ltd.

Goma — who coincidentally has a master's degree in business from the Congo — tried to blunder through the question and answer session, the Sunday Mail reported.

His cryptic responses in broken English left his identity and expertise in question. The interview session — which has been downloaded 1.6 million times off The Mail's Web site and aired countless times on television — has brought Goma worldwide acclaim.

But it also brought the immigrant to the attention of British authorities who may deport him. That would be unfortunate because Goma recently applied for a technology position and wanted to capitalize on the publicity he'd received.
Poor Guy. 
(Thanks to Aunt Mary for the tip) 
Update: It seems that he's now ok, his paperwork came through, and he will be allowed to stay in the UK. What's more, he's quite famous as a result of all the media attention, and he is hoping to use that to his advantage in his job search. Official Website Here

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