Popular Business Rules were Plagiarized

William H. Swanson, CEO of Raytheon, recently published a booklet called "Swanson's Unwritten Rules of Management." Freely available on Raytheon's website, it's become quite a hit. Something else "unwritten" about it is that not all the rules are Swanson's.

In fact, Nos. 6-22 (of 33 total) are almost exact replicas from a 1944 book on Engineering, called, interestingly enough, "Unwritten Laws of Engineering."  

These high-profile cases of plagiarism keep popping up, and you'd think that people would eventually get the hint that it's wrong and that it will be discovered.

This becomes even more ironic when you consider the following quotation, taken from their website:

We at Raytheon are proud of our reputation for excellence: a reputation based on our commitment to the highest ethical standards.

For details, see the NY Times Article.

The rules, btw, are probably worth reading if you're into business.

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