Revelation & Reason – updated

Here's a good essay by Dr. Bauder of Central Baptist Theological Seminary. It's the first in a series, but I expect the remainder will come shortly. IMO, this is a needed corrective for many who are – how shall I describe them? – at the "fringe" of fundamentalism. 
His main point is that (as my title suggests) revelation and reason go hand in hand, and you can't have one without the other. Some on the left would exalt reason over revelation. That is, they attempt to come to conclusions about God, morality, etc., based entirely on their own reasoning, apart from the Written Revelation of God's Word. That's faulty, since human nature was irreparably flawed in the Garden of Eden several millennia ago. Since God has revealed much about Himself and the world to us, we should heed it! 
On the other hand you have some who devalue reason and take the Protestant mantra of "Sola Scriptura" to its (il)logical extreme – much further than the framers ever intended. Neither of these extremes is desirable.  
If you have a moment, the essay is worth the read, and I expect the dialogue and future installments will be as well.  
10/6/06 Update: Parts Two and Three have been posted.

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