Robots in School

Playing hooky just got easier. Except, with a $70,000 price tag, a forged parent's note might be cheaper. 
This article describes a robot used to stand in for a sick child missing school. One robot "sits" in the child's classroom, and his twin sits with the child in the hospital.
The two robots communicate live video and audio via the Internet, so the teacher can see the student in his hospital bed, and the student can have a virtual presence in his classroom. 
The child holds a video game-like controller that allows him to control the camera and even raise the robot's hand.
The children in the classroom soon learn to think of the robot as the child himself according to reports.
No commentary just yet; I haven't decided if this is a great idea or if it has potential for tremendous misuse. On the surface, however, it seems like a neat way to help sick kids.  

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