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Perhaps the biggest news is that we updated our website today. That includes posting wedding pictures. Incredible, huh? It's only been 3 months since the last update… Somehow our first semester of grad school managed to keep us pretty busy.

So, how do I cram 3 months of married life into one (hopefully short) post to our website? I don't know yet, but I expect we'll both find out if I keep typing and you (later) keep reading.

Following the wedding, we worked our way East through AL, GA, and SC, and spent Tuesday evening in Greenville, where — believe it or not — we had a required work meeting. It was the opening ceremonies for the 2005-2006 school year, and all BJ employees are required to be there (no exceptions.) So, we stayed in town that night and then headed to Gatlinburg, TN the next morning. After a leisurely drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and through the Smoky Mountain National Forest, we spent the afternoon in Gatlinburg. The next day we continued to Illinois to visit Tim's grandparents, parents, and other friends and family. While there, Kris (Tim's Sister-in-law) and his mom put together a reception for those who weren't able to travel south for our wedding. We enjoyed seeing and visiting with all who came.

School started soon after we returned from our trip in August. Ashley took all speech classes, to take care of undergraduate requirements for her grad program that she hadn't fulfilled as a music major (her grad degree focuses on speech more than music). Tim's classes were all in the Seminary building, so he usually got to see Ashley on the way to and from class.

Most of you probably know that our July 17th posting about a house was a bit incomplete. Along with the house came a triplex (right next door, on the same land parcel). Our three tenants have made life more interesting than it otherwise would be, and probably a bit busier, too. It's been especially interesting to communicate with the couple who lives in Apartment A — they speak only Spanish. Although Ashley knows enough to be dangerous, Tim's ability in the language is restricted to counting from 1-9 and a few other select words ("adios" and "taco" being among his favorites). However, having the rental income has allowed us a greater financial freedom than we would have otherwise had, and we are thankful for the resources and opportunities with which God has entrusted us.

We are especially enjoying our house. It's fairly small, 2 bedrooms, but it's ours, and we like it. It beats a dorm room anyday. We like coming home.

One other thing that keeps us busy is a web hosting / web design venture, and also some database development. If you know anyone looking for a good deal on a website, or for more affordable hosting, or who is in need of a custom-built database, send them to http://dynamicts.com.

For Thanksgiving, we went to Tim's parents' house in Illinois, and were also able to see his Grandparents and other friends and relatives.

By the time December came around, we were really ready for the academic semester break. Even though our work hours increased from 30 to 40 hours/week, it was nice to not have to come home and spend all evening working on homework.

We spent several days surrounding Christmas day at Ashley's parents house. It was a nice chance to see her family (both of us), shop (Ashley) and sleep in (Tim), among other things.

Now here it is only a few minutes away from 2006 (It's 10:57p as I write this). Next semester is almost upon us, so it may be a while before the next update gets posted to this site. However, the major hindrance last semester was that we didn't have an internet connection at home. Since we now have one, it should be easier to post short updates more frequently.

If you're still reading this… you must really love us or something. Either that, or you're really bored today. At any rate, thanks for reading, and thanks for being a part of our lives, in whatever way you are. Now I'm going to upload this and go to bed. Yep, without even watching the ball drop. I'm tired.


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