Musical Mission Team 2008

Musical Mission Team 2008

We’ll be ministering in Europe for nine weeks this summer with BJU’s Musical Mission Team. The exact itinerary is still uncertain, but we’ll be in Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and possibly a few other countries.

The team consists of about 30 members, including the choir, pianist, brass players, and 4 faculty sponsors.
We’ll give nearly 100 concerts, each one including a gospel message. Many of the choral numbers (all sacred) will be given in the local language, and the messages will be presented with the help of an interpreter.
You might be wondering about the value of sending 30 people to sing their way through Europe. Unlike the in U.S., over there a foreign choir (especially an American choir) draws a crowd. In many cases, our team is part of the largest evangelistic outreach a church will have in a given year.
Please pray for us regularly. Although prayer is in many ways a mystery, we believe that God acts in concert with the prayers of His people. Here are some specific things for which you can pray:
  • For us and the rest of the team as we prepare, both physically and spiritually
  • For those to whom we will minister, that God will prepare their hearts for the ready receipt of the Gospel
  • For transportation details yet-to-be-worked-out. As you might imagine, it is a logistical challenge to move 30 people through Europe as inexpensively as possible
  • For the churches who are preparing for our visits and inviting unsaved folks to come hear us
  • For financial provision for all involved

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