Irony in Unionized Labor

A Washington Post article today spotlights a little irony (or maybe I should say hypocrisy) in the United Brotherhood of Carpenters.

It seems that the union carpenters are hiring homeless people to picket for them because they are "busy working and aren't able to leave job sites."

The homeless people stand and hold signs and chant about the evils of low wages and non-union carpenters.

So let me get this straight. We have non-union "workers" (picketers) picketing about how bad non-union workers are. We have unionized carpenters complaining about companies who employ non-union carpenters to do work, even though the union carpenters are "busy working."

And, oh yes, the homeless picketers? They're making a dollar over the minimum wage, with no benefits.

I can't wait for the homeless people to form a union and demand fair wages and benefits.

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