Lying Babies

From the British Telegraph earlier this year, we learn that "Babies are not as innocent as they pretend."

"Behavioural experts," Mr. Gray writes, "have found that infants begin to lie from as young as six months." This, despite (from the previous paragraph), that no one previously suspected that babies could deceive at such an early age!

I don't know who they interviewed for this article, but I'm pretty sure most parents (and even most careful observers) suspected long ago that very young children were quite capable of deception.

The article continues, "until now, psychologists had thought the developing brains were not capable of the difficult art of lying until four years old."

Last I checked, Adam's nature was just as alive and well at 6-months as at 4 years. But there I go again, letting my theology inform my observations. Or is it the other way around?

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