Major Change

This is actually old news. About half-way through last semester, I changed my major. It was M.A. Fine Arts, R.P.A. principle, piano secondary (which was a complicated way to say that I was studying speech and piano). Now I'm pursuing a master of arts in rhetoric and public address, or M.A. R.P.A. That's just a complicated way of saying that I'm studying speech. It's really just a semantic game, because I am still studying piano. The difference is that I was considered a piano major before (even though piano was my secondary emphasis). Now I'm still taking piano lessons, but I'm not considered a piano major anymore, so I don't have to practice as much. It also means that I can take hymn playing instead of classical piano. I'm signed up for hymn playing starting in a week or so, and I'm looking forward to that. I love being a speech major because I get to study all sorts of exciting things (not just speech itself). I've also begun work on my graduate project, which will be about home school graduates in college. More on that later…

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