Certified teachers aren’t necessarily best

I’m the proud owner of music education degree. I student taught, learned South Carolina’s ADEPT standards, and could have been certified.

If I had chosen to go on as a music teacher, my degree would have been invaluable. Most of my teachers were practical, experienced people who gave me great tools for surviving in the classroom. I had lots of useful classes.

Good classes and teachers aside, my experiences with state regulations, government intervention, and the certification process were quite negative. I tend to think that our government does few things well, and education certainly is not one of them! So I was thrilled to see the Wall Street Journal opinion piece today discussing research which suggests that “traditional state certification rules . . . hinder student learning.”

Perhaps government officials should also take note of the many homeschool moms who, without an education degree or state certification, manage to produce results far superior to state schools.

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