Favorite Money-Saving Websites Part 4: Don’t Buy At All

Welcome to the 4th, and probably last part in my series about my favorite websites for saving money.

Today I would like to talk about two websites that remind me not to buy at all. But first, some thoughts on not buying.

As I have delved deeper into the realms of bargain shopping, I have to remind myself that a sale is never a good deal if I don’t need to purchase the item in the first place. An example: I am hoping (soon!) to clean out our books. We have four tall bookcases and one short bookcase, all crammed with books. Approximately one-third of our books were purchased on sale. We have books that we will never read, but we bought them because they cost 50 cents or a dollar each. We thought that someday, we might read them, and now we have more books than we can fit on our shelves.

Those $1 books were not a good deal if I never use them.

So on that note, one of my new favorite blogs is Unclutterer. The constant reminders to clean out, get rid of stuff, and keep it simple = constant reminders to quit buying stuff. It is good for me.

One of my other favorite blogs is Get Rich Slowly. I like this blog because J.D. is a real person who researches stuff and applies it in real life. It is authentic and practical. And, J.D. often reminds readers not to buy stuff they don’t need. Like me, he sometimes struggles with urges to buy stuff just because he likes it. For him it is comic books. For me it is (usually) clothes. For you it may be something else. That is why a blog feed that regularly reminds you not to buy is a good thing.

Unclutterer and Get Rich Slowly do that for me, but I’m sure there are lots of other good blogs and websites out there on this topic. What is your favorite?

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