Yesterday’s Mail

Yesterday, the mail brought yet another ministry update. We’re on the mailing lists for several mission boards and other ministries, so the updates come on a regular basis. Sometimes I don’t take time to read them carefully, but the updates from Frontline Missions always catch my attention.

Frontline Missions sends a newsletter called The Messenger. Sometimes it talks about persecution that believers are experiencing in other parts of the world. Sometimes there are stories of ministry in unlikely places. This issue talked about ways that Frontline is involved in providing Bible training for pastors and other Christian workers in other countries. It described the Christians’ hunger to learn more about the Bible, and the lengths to which they will go to obtain more knowledge.
I am ashamed to think how many resources I have, and how little I take advantage of them. Reading about these Christians inspires me to get to know my Bible better. It also inspires me to help them. Of course, Frontline needs prayer support, but they also need financial support. The neat thing about Frontline is that a little bit of money can go a long way–they can run a one-month session of Bible school in Ukraine or Russia for just $275. Visit here for tips on how to pray, here to find out how to give, or here to sign up for the The Messenger.

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