Charter Communications Wrap-up

I was really, really frustrated when I wrote the last post about our problems with Charter. Apparently God has a sense of humor, because the next day, things started to get better. I published my post late Monday night. Tuesday afternoon, Tim got a call from a guy at Charter corporate. He had seen my post, and they were ready to fix our problem.

Our customer service experience over the next few days was completely different from the previous one. We got to talk to knowledgeable people. Those people actually called us back. They even gave us e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers so that we could reach them. On Wednesday, Tim talked to a network engineer for the Greenville area. I don’t know why it required a blog post for that to happen; Tim had told the customer service reps a week ago, the very first time we called, that we needed to speak with a local network engineer. Apparently, you have to take drastic action to be heard.

Anyway, that was gratifying for Tim to find out that he was right all along. The network engineer did his job, and the problem was fixed by late Thursday afternoon.

So, it took Charter an entire week to fix a simple problem, all because their people would not listen to us. But now the problem is fixed, so I’m happy about that.

And yes, they did adjust our bill. It was a token amount that didn’t begin to compensate us for all of the hours that we spent trying to get Charter to fix their own problem, but it was something. Of course, we had to call and request that adjustment. Once they thought that the problem was fixed, all calls from them stopped (even though two people had promised to call us on Friday and make sure it was working ok).

From this experience, I learned that I need to trust God more. Charter was wrong, very wrong, but I did not react properly.

I also learned that blogging works. Yay blogging!

Finally, Charter is planning to file for bankruptcy. That makes my sense of justice very happy.

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