Getting ready for Musical Mission Team 2009

Tim and I are excited about traveling with BJU’s Musical Mission Team in Europe this summer. We served with the team last summer, and the ministry was so exciting that we decided to go back again. As a musician, I love using music to proclaim the truth of God’s word.

The team leaves for Europe on May 27, but the preparation started a long time ago. There are so many details, and I’m not even involved in most of the decisions! We meet each Tuesday and Thursday night to rehearse our music. On Wednesday evenings we travel to local churches for deputation meetings. We sing a few songs, report on last year’s ministry, and ask the people to pray for this coming year. It’s neat to see team unity grow as we spend time in the rehearsals and meetings.

This past Sunday we sang at a church in Atlanta. It was the first time that we got to sing more than one or two songs, and I think it was a big step in team unity. The pre-service prayer meetings really help, too. And I’m sure the traditional post-service trips to Sonic don’t hurt!

This mission team really needs your prayer. We can sing our hearts out, but God is the one who touches people’s souls. It’s the Gospel that saves. So please pray for us. Pray for the details, our health and safety, and that we’ll be able to raise the money that we need. But most of all pray that God will be glorified. Pray that we will be bold to give the Gospel. Pray that people will be saved as a result of our ministry.

In addition to praying, check out the official team website. Watch the video about the team’s history here or here or below. There’s also an MMT Facebook group. If you want to keep up with our activities, be sure to sign up for the team newsletter (at the bottom of the homepage).

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