Goats at Google. What will they think of next?

A garden at the White House, swine flu, and now goats at Google. Apparently the world has gone agrarian. Why didn’t someone warn me?

Apparently, Google is renting a herd of goats to eat the grass near one of its buildings. There’s plenty of discussion out on the web about whether using goats instead of lawn mowers is actually environmentally and economically friendly. It seems pretty obvious that goat droppings are not employee friendly, but I’m not sure whether the new goat pasture is actually beside the building or just near it.

But my big question is: why are they renting the goats? Why not buy a herd and just leave them there? I guess then you would have to pay a shepherd all of the time? Renting goats. That just sounds incredibly strange.

And why not sheep? Aren’t sheep the traditional grass cutters? Besides, if they had sheep, then they could sheer the sheep, and sell genuine Google wool products. And they could milk the sheep. I had sheep cheese in Slovakia last summer, and it was pretty good!

I have to admit, though, these baby goats are much cuter than the sheep.

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