Income taxes and Medicare

I started spring cleaning my bedroom yesterday. The dust behind my dresser and under my bed was disgusting, but I slept better last night just knowing that it was gone.

I’ve got a pile of Firefox tabs almost as thick as the dust under my bed, so I’ll probably be sharing a few thoughts as I clean out my browser.

For now, two editorials:

Ari Fleischer: Everyone Should Pay Income Taxes

This article led to an interesting conversation about tax reform yesterday. Tim mentioned that I should read this editorial but cautioned, “It will just make you mad.” He was right. If any Myers-Briggs junkies are wondering, I’m a J. It just doesn’t seem right for some people to receive checks when they didn’t pay a dime of income tax to begin with. I don’t blame those people for taking the checks, but something is terribly wrong with the system.

Weems and Sasse: Is Government Health Insurance Cheap?

This is an interesting refutation of some common misconceptions about Medicare and private insurance. When you get to the end, make sure you look at the authors’ credentials.

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