MMT 12–Hannover, Germany

We weren’t sure what to expect in Hannover, since it was the MMT’s first time with this church. However, we ended up having a great time working with national believers there.

We arrived just in time to eat supper and get ready for a service. Afterward, we had a coffee and cake fellowship time. It seemed like the people there were especially friendly, and we had some good conversations (especially with the young people).

Our host told us an interesting story about how the Musical Mission Team gave him an opportunity to witness. He was telling one of his coworkers that an American choir was coming, and two of the choir members would be staying with him. His coworker said, “You must not do that! You do not know those people. You cannot keep strangers from another country in your home!” So our host was able to explain to his coworker that it was safe, even though he had never met us before. We are his brothers and sisters in Christ, so he was glad to welcome us into his home.

On our second day in Hannover, we had another evening concert at a nearby church. During the day, we went into town to see the sights. We visited the town hall, where our hosts had arranged for us to have an English tour, and also saw the cathedral. In the evening we gave our concert, and met even more friendly people during another dessert and fellowship time.

Our hosts in Hannover
Tim and I enjoyed the tour of city hall.
Inside city hall, we saw models historical Hannover.
We got to sing in the cathedral.

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