MMT 14–Magdeburg, Germany

We spent one night in the Magdeburg area with the Matthias, McKenzie, and King families (all GFA missionaries). When we all crashed at the McKenzies’ house, it was pretty crowded! If I were Mrs. McKenzie, I’m pretty sure I would have run screaming out the back door.

It wasn’t possible for us to all help with supper, so a bunch of us took a walk. It was just like those times when I was little and my parents were doing some complicated project, and I asked if I could help, and they told me that the most helpful thing I could do would be to go away and play quietly. The mission team isn’t very good at playing quietly, so we went on a walk instead.

Anyway, the coolest thing about our walk was that we got to see a windmill up close! I was surprised at how tall it was, how long the blades were, and how loud the blades were. They made swishing noises as they went around.

After the walk and supper, we had a concert at the church. These missionaries have been working in this area for a long time, and people are not very open to their message. They have a small congregation, and it is hard for them to meet new people. In preparation for the service, they had distributed 10,000 invitations.

Our team always meets 30 minutes before the concerts to pray, and this evening we were especially burdened to pray that God would bring people in. We were in the back room, so we didn’t know who was coming. When we finished and lined up for the concert, one of the missionaries came in with some exciting news.

After passing out the 10,000 invitations, he had been praying for 2 visitors. One of his kids asked him why he didn’t have more faith. Why didn’t he pray for 3 or 4 visitors? So, he prayed for 4.

As he stood outside to greet people, a group of 4 visitors came in. He thanked God that his prayers had been answered. But there was still more time. As he waited, more visitors came. Pretty soon, there were more visitors than church members! God blessed these missionaries’ prayers and efforts in a big way.

It was exciting to sing that evening (and for Tim to preach), knowing that we might be introducing these people to Christ for the very first time. Now we need to pray that the missionaries will be able to share Christ with these people again.

Here we are with the windmill.
Tim took this picture on the walk.

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