MMT 15–Halberstadt, Germany

In Halberstadt, we were reunited with Rebecca Kelly Goernandt (a former team member). Some of us already knew her, and those who didn’t felt like they did. We used her story in one of our presentations, so even the new members already knew that she had traveled two summers with the team, then dated and married a man from Germany (while he was studying at BJ). Rebecca and her husband Christian attend a small church in Halberstadt, and we were thrilled that we could help publicize their ministry.

The first place we went in Halberstadt was a hospital. We were supposed to sing outside, but just after we started singing, someone came along and told us that we could sing inside. We were allowed to sing only a few songs, but hopefully even that little bit of music gave hope to the people there.

After lunch and some frisbee-playing in a park, we went downtown for a little street singing and passing out tracts. It rained on our mini-concert, though, so we visited the church and nearby mall. Soon it was supper time, and then concert time. We sang in a lecture hall at a university. I’m not sure how many seats were there, but most of them were full! We had some nice conversations with the audience members, and the church was able to make some good contacts.

That night, Tim and I stayed with a couple and their little daughters. The amazing thing is that they didn’t just keep us. They also kept 8 other guys! They borrowed cots and bedding from their friends, and set up beds for the guys in the living room (Tim and I were in the office). The living room was amazing. It looked like an infirmary.

Every time I think about Halberstadt I think of how much work (and money) that couple put into housing and feeding us just for one night. There must have been so much setting up, and laundry afterward. I helped just a little bit with preparing breakfast, and even that was a huge undertaking. If I had that many people in my house, we would definitely be eating cold cereal out of disposable bowls. But no, they gave us a full German breakfast, complete with fresh rolls, salami, cheese, vegetables, jelly, nutella, tea, yogurt, and eggs. They were amazing.

Rebecca was amazing, too. She kept people at her house and cooked tons of food even though she was expecting a baby soon (she was due the next week, I think). She made my day by bringing chocolate chip cookies for lunch.

Here's our host with all of us who stayed at his house. I wish I had a picture of his wife. She deserves an award!
Frisbee in the park

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