MMT 16–Oranienburg, Germany

The team has visited Oranienburg many times, including last year. On Friday we had several informal times of fellowship with church people, and we met some adorable bunnies. I’ll tell you about Saturday later.

Sunday morning, we shared in the church’s Lord’s Supper service (during what we would consider the Sunday School hour), and then we had the morning service. The church people had invited lots of visitors to that morning service, and it was packed. They had to put folding chairs in the lobby for overflow. We enjoy singing for church people, but it was exciting to know that visitors were hearing the gospel, too.

After church, we had a huge dinner outside with everyone. Tim and I met several girls near our age who all seemed to be involved in the medical field. I think one was a dental hygienist, and another worked at a pharmacy.

Sunday evening we went to a park with a bunch of church people (because they don’t have Sunday evening services), and played volleyball. Well, I didn’t play volleyball, but many team members did. I played a card game with some of the non-athletic teenagers.

Tim and I really enjoyed getting to know our hosts, the Schulz family. Sunday evening we had dinner on their balcony, watched Charlotte ride her unicycle, and learned about life under Communism. We’re especially grateful to Richard for fixing breakfast for us Monday morning when his mom was busy.

Disclaimer: Tim took all of these pictures. Thank you, Tim!

It was an exciting volleyball game!
Can I have one? Pleeeeease?
Apparently she didn't get enough to eat at lunch.

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