MMT 2 — Ebnat Kappel

We spent our first weekend at the Arche (Ark) in Ebnat Kappel, Switzerland. The team always goes there for Pentecost weekend. They call it Pfingsten here. The Arche is a kind of Christian hotel and conference center, unlike any place I have been in the US.

This year we were especially excited about going to Ebnat Kappel because Dr. Greg Kielmeyer is there. Dr. Kielmeyer traveled with the Musical Mission Team for several years (including last year) and was one of my teachers at BJ. He seemed excited to see us, too.

At Ebnat Kappel, Tim and Kevin Oberlin preached a Bible conference. We sang a few songs for each of the conference services, and also gave a full concert on Sunday. I think there were more people there than last year. That was exciting for us (we like to have big crowds!) and for the Arche. I talked to people from France, Canada, and of course Switzerland.

On Saturday afternoon we went to St. Gallen to sing on the street and pass out tracts. Monday we went to see Ulrich Zwingli’s birthplace and also visited Liechtenstein.

To read another summary of our first few stops and see some pictures, visit the Musical Mission Team website.

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