MMT 3–St. Gallen and Liechtenstein

While at Arche, we went to the nearby town of St. Gallen. In St. Gallen, we visited an old library and a church, ate lunch, and sang on the streets. While we were singing, members of an Ethiopian church loosely associated with Arche passed out tracts and invitations to our concert. This was a great help, because people are much more receptive to tracts/invitations while we are actually singing. I’m not sure if anyone came to the concert as a result of the invitations, but we can still pray that people will read the tracts.

One of the interesting things in St. Gallen is the old library in the monastery. Several team members mentioned that it looked like something from Beauty and the Beast. Only comfortable chairs were missing.

On a different day, we made a short trip to Liechtenstein. We were all excited about visiting another country, especially one small enough to be a collector’s item. In a way, the visit was anticlimactic, since the border crossing was almost as boring as driving from South Carolina to Georgia, only without a welcome center. Also, Liechtenstein seemed to look exactly like Switzerland (please refrain from making observations about the two countries’ geographical proximity).

We were delighted to find that Liechtenstein has its own bus system and we wondered about the difficulties of having an entire government for such a small area. We enjoyed taking pictures of the [still-inhabited] royal castle. I had a lovely time, even if I didn’t get a stamp in my passport. These days, it seems that the only way to get a stamp in one’s passport is to visit somewhere dangerous or to buy one on the streets of Berlin. After listening to some of Dr. McCauley’s stories about Russian border crossings, I’ll take the empty passport!

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