MMT 4–Metzigen

After leaving Ebnat Kappel, Switzerland, we crossed the border and drove to Metzigen, Germany. Metzigen is known for its outlets. The downtown area is filled with gigantic stores. People come from all over to shop in these stores. The church that we ministered in was smack in the middle, literally surrounded by outlets.

In Metzigen we gave two evening concert-services. Our standard concert-service has 6 songs at the beginning (3 native language, 3 English), then a brass piece, a testimony, another instrumental piece, 3 more songs (all native language), a short Gospel message, then one more song. After the service is dismissed, two of our team members stand at the door passing out tracts, and the rest of us shake hands and try to talk to people.

Our hosts in Metzigen

Our hosts in Metzigen

We enjoyed getting to know the people in the church at Metzigen, especially our hosts–Simon, Emma, and their daughter Hadassah. Both Simon and Emma grew up in Romania, so we were able to learn a little bit about the difference between Germany and Romania.

The third evening, instead of another service, we had a grillfest and fellowship with the teens. We enjoyed steaks, volleyball, and singing beside a beautiful field outside of Metzigen.

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