MMT 5–Tübigen and Stuttgart

While we were in Metzigen, we took two short day trips–one to Tübigen and one to Stuttgart. In Tübigen, we passed out tracts, did some shopping, and rode a paddleboat on the Neckar River.

In Stuttgart, some team members went to the Mercedes museum. Since I had been there last year, and since I’m not a big car fan, I opted to walk around the town instead. We went shoe shopping with one of the girls from the youth group, then ate lunch in a park, and visited the lobby of the opera house.

Then we had an interesting experience in the Protestant church. When we first walked in, we weren’t planning to spend much time there, so we were looking around, trying to take it all in. An older man with a name tag approached us and started offering information about the church. At first we weren’t sure if we wanted to talk to him (I was afraid that he might try to get us to pay him for a tour or something), but he was so kind and friendly that we listened to what he was saying and started examining the objects he referenced in his comments. After he showed us a display with the history of the church, he took us to the front and pointed to some sculptures. Did we know what they were? Yes, they portrayed the Christmas story.

Then he started asking about the different figures. Did we know who this was (Mary and Elizabeth)? What did this portray (the wise men)? After the sculptures, he started explaining the panels on the stained glass windows. He named Bible story after Bible story, and I started to think that this man’s knowledge went deeper than tour-guide level.

Finally, one of the girls in the group asked the question that was forming in each of our minds. “This window is about Jesus. Do you believe in Him?” He told us that he did believe in Jesus, that many people in Germany and even in the church do not believe, but he does believe. Then he explained why he volunteers in the church. He stands there and tells people about the statues and stained glass so that he can explain the Bible to them. Many people visit the church, even Buddhists and Muslims. In this way, he witnesses to them all.

I hope that this man truly is trusting in Christ alone for his salvation and that one day, I will see him again in heaven. I was challenged by the fact that all of us had the same reaction to him. We could all tell that he had an intimate, real knowledge of the Bible. Hopefully other people have similar thoughts when they hear us sing.

Paddleboating on the Neckar River
Park where we ate lunch in Stuttgart
Adorable duckling in Stuttgart
Church tower in Stuttgart

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