MMT 6–Güetli

After our time in Metzigen, we crossed back into Switzerland to minister at the Güetli. It’s hard to explain what the Güetli is, because I don’t know of anything like it in the States. It’s a combination of a farm, hotel, and Christian conference center. They also grow flowers and have a flower shop to help support their mission work.

At Güetli, Tim and Kevin preached a Bible conference. The choir sang a few songs for the conference services and had a concert/service on Sunday afternoon. When we weren’t singing, we helped out with the work. Some team members were in the garden, or helped with the cleaning. I helped in the kitchen. Saturday morning, I helped peel kohlrabi. I think my group went through 50 kilos of kohlrabi (25 kilos were for Saturday lunch). Saturday afternoon, I cut and washed lettuce from the garden. After these experiences, I have a renewed appreciation for people in the food service field.

Say hello to the friendly sheep!
One of many beautiful flowers in the shop
We had macaroni and cheese for supper!!!

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