MMT 7–Midnight Call and Zurich

Midnight Call is an organization located near Zurich with a church, nursing home, printing division, and radio ministry. We spent the night in their hostel (which used to be a barn), and toured their facilities. The purpose was for the Musical Mission Team and Midnight Call leadership to meet each other, so we also sang a mini-concert for the coworkers.

Since we were in Zurich, we took a few hours to look around. Our first stop was the Grossmünster, where Zwingli started the Reformation in Switzerland. Several of us paid 2 francs to climb up the stairs in the tower. From there, we could see Zurich’s many famous clock towers.

We had been several days without internet access, so we were all eager to check our e-mail! The i-pod/i-phone users explored the city, bearing their devices like divining rods. Once they successfully found an unsecured signal, we halted until they could download their e-mails. Fortunately, there was an H&M nearby.

Caleb, Tim, and Amy finding free wireless in Zurich
Midnight Call put up this message on the roof
The brave tower-climbing group
Me, and part of Zurich

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