MMT 8–Nürnberg

At Nürnberg, we had the opportunity to sing at a tent meeting. The trip from Zurich took a little bit longer than we expected, so we had to inhale our supper, change our clothes in record time, and rush out to the tent. The meeting had actually started before we arrived, but the people were singing hymns and waiting for us. We were thankful that the people were so patient, but a little bit flustered about having to rush in and sing right away.

The next day we were supposed to sing in the pedestrian area and pass out invitations, but it was raining, so we went to the documentation center instead. The documentation center is a museum about the rise of the Nazis and WWII. I was particularly interested in the part that described the rise of the Nazi party and the propaganda efforts. It really helped me to understand what people were thinking and feeling at that time. It’s also interesting to see how Hitler used everything from architecture to festivals to make people feel that they were part of something special.

In Nürnberg, we stayed with a sweet family of German speakers. Usually, our hosts know English, so we can be lazy. But this time, we got to stretch ourselves and attempt to communicate in German. It was a great experience, and Tim made great use of his dictionary application on his phone.

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