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I just wrote a post about procrastination, and at the end I gave myself an assignment. I have to clean out my Firefox tabs (which means read them, save them, or somehow act on them, and eventually close them). To prove that I’m doing this, I’m going to write notes about my tabs. I’ll also share links to the sites so that you can read the interesting stuff and add to your tabs collection.

Zen to Done

I’m mildly interested in productivity systems right now, so this tab was my reminder to read the first step in the Zen to Done system and start working on it. I’ve had this tab open for over a month, now. I really need to get some sort of productivity system going because I’m working at home, so there are very few external deadlines to keep me going. But, I don’t want to turn into a productivity system freak.

Anyway, I just read the first step, which is collect or ubiquitous capture. Actually, I knew that this was the first step (because I saw it in the preview). I just hadn’t read the article yet. So, I have been scribbling notes in a notebook for the past few weeks. To justify closing the tab, I read the article about step 1, transferred some ideas that were on a scrap of paper into my notebook, and set a reminder in Outlook to read the next article in the series.

Grunge Textures

The next tab was a link from Kreativuse to some free grunge textures. I was tempted to download them (and a bunch of other stuff), but instead I bookmarked the site. Now I can go back and download them when I actually need them. I think that was a good decision because it kept me from adding clutter that I don’t need.

How Modern Law Makes Us Powerless

There is something wrong with our country when ordinary people are afraid of being sued, but I am not exactly sure what to do about this problem. Howard’s suggestions are vague, and I am not sure what their ramifications would be in real life.

For example, I’ve heard lots lately about the new law requiring manufacturers to test for lead. As written, this law would apply to everyone, and would probably shut down many small manufacturers and retailers. It would also make Goodwill, Salvation Army, yard sales, and many Etsy pages illegal. Supposedly the law won’t really apply to Goodwill, etc., but this is just a current example of how legislation can have unintended consequences.

Baby Got Beat: Music May Be Inborn

My reaction? Fascination mixed with “duh.” Fascination, because I was a music ed major in undergrad, so I’m interested in how our minds process music.

“Duh” because I thought anyone could observe that babies are aware of music. Maybe I was just more aware of this fact because when my younger sister (no, not the one who sang about the Crock Pot) was a baby, she hated Fur Elise. I know this because she cried every time I played it. It probably didn’t help that her playpen was right beside the piano. But after reading this article . . . maybe it wasn’t that she hated Fur Elise. Maybe she was crying because of my mistakes!

Also, I believe in creation, and it’s just not that hard to imagine that God would have created us with the ability to recognize music.

Kodak Gallery

This was open because new accounts get 75 free prints. I need to make an account and upload some pictures, but not right now, because I’m cleaning out tabs (and uploading pictures will take forever). So I made myself another appointment in Outlook.

Jennifer Ramos’s blog

I had this open because someone suggested it (I think it was Holly from decor8). Anyway, I decided to just go ahead and subscribe to the feed. She has some beautiful pictures, and I keep hoping that seeing beautiful pictures in my feed will inspire me to make stuff (I know, after I clean out my Firefox tabs). If it’s not a good fit for me, I can unsubscribe later.

Happiness of Misery?

This is a WORLD Magazine article about the stimulus bill (against it). I’m trying not to be worried about what this bill will do to our country. I’ve already written to my congressmen about the bill, so I’m not sure what else to do.

Reaganomics v. Obamanomics

Here’s the most interesting line from this editorial (in my opinion). “In fact, what we suffer with today is not the worst economy since the Great Depression, but the worst economy since Jimmy Carter — the last time liberals were dominant politically and intellectually.”

Craftzine Projects

I found a whole bunch of projects on the Craftzine blog including:

Felting projects

Felting is just one of my several craft mini-obsessions right now. So far, I’ve made a purse from an old sweater, and that’s it. I love the felted soaps.

Valentine Projects

I decided that I would not actually do any of these, so I closed this tab without bookmarking it.

Twig & Thistle

This is another blog that I just found. Again, I think I’ll add it to my feed reader and decide if I like it later. That approach seems to work for me.

Recycled Bags Crafts

This site is great for me because I have a bunch of plastic bags, and I always forget to take them somewhere to recycle them. It would be so much more fun to recycle them into a bag or a rug or something. Now I just need to buy a crochet hook. And try to remember how to crochet . . . I’ll bookmark it in my crafts folder and look for it again after I buy the hook, which I have already added to my shopping list.

Fusing Plastic Bags

I think this is even better than crocheting. I really can’t wait to try this out. Don’t know what I’ll do with my bags once I’m done fusing them, but this sounds like fun! So I definitely bookmarked this one.

5 minute notebook

Hmm, cool idea. Wonder if I’ll ever make one? Probably not as long as I can get cool notebooks for cheap. But I might send the link to my friend Stephanie, who makes notebooks. Maybe she’ll be inspired.

Pattern for the prettiest bag I have seen all day!

I think I am going to have to learn how to knit just so I can make this bag. I’m very disappointed to read that the yarn is discontinued, so I cannot make one exactly like the picture. I really like that bag. Definitely bookmarking this one! I had to sign up for the feed, too. Wow. I really, really like this bag.

And the last tab was the Slate issue on Procrastination that I opened while writing my last post. I read the articles, and they were interesting. Now I need to fold some laundry and start supper. I have officially cleared my tabs. I will try to bask in the joy of that accomplishment and forget about the 200+ unread items in my Google reader!

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