New life for this site

As some of you (the faithful few who keep checking…) may have noticed, we haven’t posted much on TimAndAshley.com for quite a while. We have been investing our energies in other pursuits, but you can expect to see more here in the near future. We’ll keep using this space to communicate news that would be of interest only to our family and friends, but basically it will serve as an aggregator for other blogs. At the moment, Ashley’s blog (Shameless Academic) is the most active, and so you’ll see a lot of posts coming from her in the near future. She’s also working on some creative stuff over at Scattered Fancies, so you might have a look there, too.
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  • Cool site layout, Tim. Where’d you get it?

  • Tim says:

    Thebuckmaker.com — pretty small but they have a couple of cool themes. In case you missed it, I guess I should also point out that this site is no longer powered by Joomla. I migrated from Joomla to WordPress yesterday. Joomla is a great platform for a lot of things, and I’ll still use it on a lot of sites, but for a blog, it’s hard to beat WordPress.

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