What’s an RSS feed reader?

Even though I read last fall that RSS adoption is only around 11%, I am frequently surprised to meet people who don’t use RSS feed readers, and don’t even know what that are. I don’t know why these people haven’t adopted RSS, because RSS is definitely better than a cute puppy.

This makes me sad, because RSS feed readers are wonderful tools.

I’m not a techie. Really, I’m not. But I love my Google reader. I love it because it sends me cool information and pretty pictures and interesting articles. Best of all, I don’t have to remember the names of the sites I like or visit them to see when they are updated. It’s wonderful.

If you are part of the 89% that has not adopted RSS, never fear. You can have a part in the RSS feed happiness.

You can get started by reading this nifty page from Google about RSS, feed readers, etc. After you read it, and get your Google Reader all set up, then you can subscribe to my feed!

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